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SoundHound ∞ Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that’s driving you crazy, and you can’t even remember what it’s called? A simple application like SoundHound could really come in handy for those times, since it can recognize a song if you just play it – or even hum it – near your smartphone.

Once it has recognized the song (and it’s very rare that it won’t be able to), you can listen to a fragment of the result to make sure that it’s what you were thinking of, and even view videoclips and other related material as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

Main Features :-

    All the songs and lyrics you discover will be kept in your own personal history, and you’ll have a Music Map to look up exactly where you heard that song you loved so much. You can also connect your Spotify account to build playlists, explore music across genres, and find new favorites—all with real-time lyrics.
    Explore the lyrics of all your recently discovered and favorited music. Sing along, memorize all the words, and you’ll end up a karaoke master. You can also discover lyrics to the most popular songs topping the SoundHound charts across multiple genres and categories!
    – Tap the big orange button to discover music playing around you, including song title, artist, album, and lyrics.
    – Have a song stuck in your head? Press the button, sing or hum the tune, and we’ll do the rest!
    – Keep track of all your discoveries with your own personal history page
    – Check out the hottest new music across Genre, Global, and Popular charts
    – Find out what’s being played near you and around the world with our Music Map
  • PLAY
    – Songs you discover can be played for free via our built-in YouTube music player
    – Connect your Spotify account to stream music directly in SoundHound
    – Automatically transfer your discovered songs into a Spotify playlist (SoundHound account and Spotify subscription required)
    – Sync all of your discoveries across multiple devices
    – View and interact with real-time lyrics with LiveLyrics®
    – Type in the lyrics or use voice search, and we’ll find the song for you! Say something like…
    Hey SoundHound… Show me lyrics for Thriller by Michael Jackson.
    – Access the lyrics of your recently discovered and favorited music.
    – Discover lyrics to songs topping the SoundHound charts
    SoundHound comes equipped with “Hey SoundHound…”, an incredibly powerful way to interact play and discover music using just your voice. Simply say “Hey SoundHound…” and follow up with something like:

Mod Info :-

  • No active trackers;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Localytics disabled.
  • This app has no advertisements

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  • SoundHound∞ Screenshot
  • SoundHound∞ Screenshot
  • SoundHound∞ Screenshot

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